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Girl Speak Testimonial

I am a parent of two daughters that participate in the Girl Speak Inc. program.  My experience with this program and the world class leadership from Sharon Anderson partnered with Mar’Tina Parker has been positive, enlightening, effective and making a difference in lives.  Their commitment has been immeasurable and appreciated over the last three years. […]


March is Women’s History Month, but it is also a history making month for Girl Speak, Inc. We officially launched and hosted our first Fundraiser & Reception at Annie’s Art Gallery five years ago in March 2016.   Celebrating five years is a significant milestone for our organization especially since so many nonprofits fail after […]

Teen Mom to Teen Mentor

Read our article in Courageous Woman Magazine Dr. Keli Koran Luchey Dec 2017 CLICK HERE

We are proud to announce our New Location!

Girl Speak has set up an office in the Creative Suitland Art Center.

What Do Teen Girls Struggle With the Most?

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