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Think Out Loud Fridays

Thinking Out Loud Fridays (TOLFs) are hosted at our office/activity space in the Creative Suitland Art Center, our TOLF sessions offer a safe space for the girls to connect with other girls with food and fun and have meaningful dialogue about current events and the issues/concerns that affect their lives. Additionally, we use activities, games, etc. and invited guests/SMEs to engage with them and provide useful outlooks and perspectives. TOLF sessions are currently virtual, and the girls receive special gift packages to use during the sessions by delivery or mail.

How’s Your S.E.L.F.I.E. Game?

Girl Speak’s signature initiative, How’s Your SELFIE Game is an interactive six-week mini life skills program for young ladies. SELFIE is the acronym for the themes that are addressed in the curriculum: Self-esteem, Engagement (Conflict Resolution), Leadership, Financial Literacy, Innovative Thinking and Employment Readiness. The program encompasses traditional and non-traditional planned activities including SMEs and successful women to serve as facilitators and presenters – helping our participants recognize and understand how they can use these skills effectively.

The Game Changers

Six weeks go by quickly as our participants (called Game Changers) gain a wealth of knowledge on the various focus topics such as SELF-ESTEEM to build their confidence.  They role play, and discuss how to handle conflict along with other activities to help them think before acting offering great ENGAGEMENT tips.  Our guest presenters help our Game Changers identify their LEADERSHIP qualities and skills.  They create leadership boards, treasure bags and dance the session away.

Our Game Changers also learn the importance of FINANCIAL LITERACY using worksheets and games from expert banking and insurance professionals.    A surprise field trip to the Escape Room requires the use of INNOVATION THINKING skills to solve the provided mystery. And finally, during the EMPLOYMENT READINESS session our Game Changers are encouraged to prepare for their dream career and given how to guidance by talented women who are local TV newscasters, entrepreneurs, etc.

After accomplishing so much, we celebrate our Game Changers with a Finale Showcase attended by parents and the community-at-large.  Young ladies completing this community-supported program have received recognition from the local area school board.

Perfecting Your SELFIE Game…It’s All About the FILTERS

The FILTERS series frames the topics specifically to address the challenges and concerns of young and/or inexperienced mothers. The goal is to provide them with techniques and tools that will aid them in successfully navigating their daily lives for themselves and their children. We strive to inspire these young women to be their best while learning the necessary skills to overcome adversity, build upon their strengths, and fortify their weaknesses.

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