Girl Speak Testimonial


I am a parent of two daughters that participate in the Girl Speak Inc. program.  My experience with this program and the world class leadership from Sharon Anderson partnered with Mar’Tina Parker has been positive, enlightening, effective and making a difference in lives.  Their commitment has been immeasurable and appreciated over the last three years.

Initially, my oldest daughter attended in 2018 and learned skills in self esteem/respect, wellness, financial literacy, etiquette and community skills/involvement through a 6-week intensive clinic.  Each lesson catered to strengthening and empowering girls.  These lessons and values that were entailed allowed my daughter along with other girls take on roles with responsibility, building bonds, gained experience critical thinking skills in resolving problems and building solutions to improve themselves and our community.   They were also held accountable for their actions both in the program and in their studies.  While continuing in the program each girl’s involvement grew along with them being recognized by the Prince George’s County Board of Education.  This recognition inspired new appreciation and awareness of school policy and community.

Fast forward to 2021, my youngest daughter has also been inducted into the program.  Several years of watching from the side has allowed her wanting to join… to grow. Now she is so very excited, gaining a renewed sense of how the program works and appreciative of what both see is learning and how it can help her personally and academically.

The passion of Girl Speak Inc. could not be contained during the pandemic it grew with the times and responded to it’s mission and developed their sessions virtually to continue it’s commitment.  Bi-weekly check ins with girls for Think Out Loud Friday’s now offered through Zoom which allows for mental wellness, team building activities

Girl Speak Inc. has become family.  Not just a household name but a major contributor and committed to our pouring into our girl’s.  They have also focused on inclusion of the entire family and community by offering a variety of events such as pop ups shops, drive in movies and back to school supplies for children heading back to school during the pandemic.  I am a parent advocate of this program and wish great things ahead for Girl Speak Inc., the leadership, the girl’s who’ve participated but also for it’s community to continue to thrive and flourish for years to come.

Dana Majors